About us


We have been serving Orange Walk since the year 1971

The idea for the formation of a Rotary Club in Orange Walk Town took root in 1970 and through the efforts of one man was brought to fruition with the presentation of the club charter by Rotary District Governor, Otto Kusick of Guatemala, on 28th August 1971.
That man of foresight and drive was the late Francisco Federico Orio better known as Polo.
The Belize City Rotary Club was the sponsoring club and Rotarian Johnny Searle along with the late Eugene Robinson and Benny Feinstein were instrumental in the successful setting up of the club.  They traveled to Orange Walk to give guidance on the procedures for running a Rotary Club;  it should be mentioned that the journey to Orange Walk was very different at that time, to the quick trip down the highway today.
Polo was the first President of the Rotary Club of Orange Walk and there were 20 founding members.
Nevertheless, their deeds are still evident throughout our town.  Their founding principles and spirit still nurture the club to this day.
Over the years the Rotary Club of Orange Walk has provided countless service to the Orange Walk communities, from the Polio Plus Campaigns, donations of over a million dollars of medical equipment to the Orange Walk Hospital, the Gift of Life Program, surgical procedures for facial and eye deformities through L.E.A.P, and much more.

Help is our main goal !!

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